Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Always think of the things that you want. If it’s money that you want to attract, you should think of money. If it’s relationship, you should think of relationship. If it’s car, you should think of car.

If you think of poverty, then you will attract poverty. If you think riches, you will attract riches. If you think of happiness, you will attract more happiness. If you think of loneliness, you will attract more loneliness.

You should monitor your thoughts. Don’t think of the things that you don’t want. Think of the things that you do want. In 24 hours, we have lots of thoughts. It would make you crazy if you will monitor your thoughts every moment. The easiest way to monitor your thoughts and to make sure that you have good thoughts is to ask yourself this question: “How do I feel now?”. If your answer is “I feel good”, then you’re in the right track. You should think of the good things. You might want to think of your loved ones and ask yourself the same question until your answer is “I feel good”. Keep on doing that and you will attract good things into your life.


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