Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If you need something, give that something

There’s a great power behind giving. If you give something, you will receive that something. It doesn’t care whether that something you give is good or bad. So be careful to the things that you give.

If you need smile from someone, give smile to that someone and you will receive more smiles not only from that someone but also to all the people around you.

If you are short of money and need more money, give money to your church or to your favorite charitable institutions. That works for me and to many people who know the secret of giving. Some people may say, “Only rich people could do that because they have lots of money. We the poor people could not do that.” My answer to that statement is that most rich people came from the status of being poor. When they were poor, they apply that secret. They give money to their church or to their favorite charitable institutions. And now that they’re already rich, they still keep on giving for they know the great power behind giving.

But there’s something to understand in giving. If you give, you should feel good. That way, you will receive more good things. If you feel bad while giving, you will receive bad things instead of good things.


Anonymous Eleanor said...

that's ture. people will treat you as the way u used for them.

so my dear friend, r u in the condition of capital shortage now? haha(just a kidding). ^_^

January 22, 2009 at 7:40 PM  

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